Hi. I’m Diane Cassidy. I want to share with you my long love affair with photography, plus a lengthy detour into the Book Arts.

I grew up in Minnesota, moved to California in 1960. I have always been equally interested in nature and art. I have a BA in Biology and an MA in Photography.

As to what kind of imagery attracts me, I’m afraid to say that I have few, if any, filters. In the beginning, lugging around a sturdy tripod and a twin-lens Mamiya or a 4 x 5 Crown Graphic resulted in a more structured approach. Today I am never without a small digital point and shoot. I have done several purposeful series of work, both predetermined and some assembled after the fact. I've arranged my photographic explorations in more or less reverse chronological order.  

In addition I want to share my foray into the Book Arts. Many of my books are primarily sculptural type pieces often constructed from flea market/junk store finds.
More recently I’ve made books using Print On Demand services such as BLURB and LULU.
Diane Cassidy's Cabinet of Curiosities

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